Yaritza Flores Bustos (b. 1997)
Nudo en la Garganta (Like a Knot in our Throat)
Single-channel Video Performance

Nudo en la Garganta (Like a Knot in our Throat) explores the deeply personal effects of living in the contentious borderlands of the American Southwest. In this powerful performance, Yaritza Flores Bustos poetically narrates her family’s experiences at the border alternating Spanish and English as she actively constructs a suspended sculpture made of strips of fabric from her immigrant father’s work clothes. Ambient sounds of the artist’s neighborhood mix with sounds of the artist’s own physical efforts to coat the fabric in clay dug from locations important to her family. Bustos’s performance is a physical meditation on the precarity and physical toll of the immigrant experience. Central to both the narration and the construction of the sculpture is the nudo (knot). To Bustos, the knot serves as a metaphor for the tanged effects of the border on generations of immigrants and their families.

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Contingent Perimeters is curated by Alexis Herrera. This exhibition is supported by the Jonathan and Lizzie Tisch fund at the University of Michigan Museum of Art. It was developed as part of the Guest Instagram Curator Program. To see the Instagram exhibition and learn more, please click here.