Alex Turner (b. 1984)
selections from Blind River series
Archival Inkjet Prints

Alex Turner’s photographs remind us that borders are animated through an entwined ecology of technologies, people, ideologies, and geographies. In his ongoing series Blind River, Turner appropriates images made by motion sensor cameras and A.I.-powered computer vision software—both technologies that work without human intervention. By employing images originally intended for scientific research, Turner encourages viewers to question parallels between so-called objective observation techniques and the strategies used by Border Patrol agents to surveil people at the border. Turner interrogates the presumed impartiality of visual technologies employed at the border and questions if there is room for empathy in the use of these dehumanized methods.

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Contingent Perimeters is curated by Alexis Herrera. This exhibition is supported by the Jonathan and Lizzie Tisch fund at the University of Michigan Museum of Art. It was developed as part of the Guest Instagram Curator Program. To see the Instagram exhibition and learn more, please click here.